Monday, December 9, 2013

Sheila's First Birthday in Los Angeles

Thankful and grateful for all her blessing in life. Sheila Barrios, an Ilonggo artist who is now living her dream life in Los Angeles, California and recently married filmmaker-producer-artist OJ Baclig celebrated her first birthday in America. Sheila enjoyed a lot of surprises this 2013 as she continue to live up to her dreams as a photographer and event-wedding coordinator under their family-owned company Hopeboat Productions.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Ilongga Artist Embracing New Life in L.A.

A lot of great things happened for Sheila this year. Leaving her Ilongga artist status in her hometown Iloilo City, she embarked on a new journey in Los Angeles, California in September to be with her fiance, filmmaker and photographer OJ Baclig. Their inspiring wedding took place on October 19, 2013, the greatest day in Sheila's life to be able to marry his prince charming. Her next journey has become interesting and meaningful as she continue to visit more places in California. Of course, enjoying the company of the loving family of her husband and friends is also another blessing for her. She's happy because she was accepted and loved wholeheartedly. Pursuing her passion and looking for a great career, Sheila is now working for their family-owned company, HOPEBOAT Productions. They deliver and provide quality services for wedding and events photography, videography and filmmaking projects. She is keen and dedicated to learn fast and develop her "eye for art." Highlights of photos below shows how passionate and optimistic she is to embrace the new life she pursued this 2013. The most surprising experiences she had in L.A. was being able to see Hollywood - the signage, the place and the crowd, and discovering an Ilonggo specialty restaurant that serves Ilonggo food, it reminds her most of her hometown.
Surely the future is bright and promising for Sheila who now enjoys her new life in L.A. Who knows, this talented Ilongga artist will be able to find a chance to capture her music once again.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sheila's Engagement + new life ahead

Our Ilongga pop songstress and certified diva, Sheila Barrios is now officially a certified American woman engaged to his lovely fiance, OJ Baclig, a filmmaker, photographer and multi-media artist who owns Hopeboat Productions based in Los Angeles, California. Sheila and OJ will be getting married on October 19 and will have an exciting cruise in Mexico right after the wedding. Sheila who popularized several Ilonggo songs including "Ginpalangga" moved to the US on September 4, 2013. With a new life ahead with his fiance, Sheila is optimistic to pursue her dreams and remained thankful to God who blessed her with a great life.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sheila @ Hollywood Walk of Fame

Superstars are immortalized in Hollywood.  Ilongga artist, Sheila Barrios explored Hollywood by checking out some famous Hollywood Walk of Fame stars including her favorite artists Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin this week. Lately, her latest trek is all about rediscovering exciting sites and landmarks in Los Angeles, California, and Hollywood is never far behind.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Throwback Track: Nahulat Ka [Waiting for You]

With all the wonderful things that's been happening in the life of Ilongga pop artist, Sheila Barrios who recently moved to Los Angeles, California to start a new life. I think it's time to have a little trip back to her inspiring music as a local pop singer during her time in the Philippines, particularly in Iloilo City. The song is entitled "Nahulat Ka" [Waiting for You] which she collaborated with a good friend whose dreaming to sing. The song showed her versatility and style as an R&B artist and featured Ilonggo rapper Zpinx Angel of M.I.C. Music.

Sheila's Latest Trip + Photography

Ilongga pop singer Sheila Barrios who recently migrated in Los Angeles, California with his fiance, is very much inspired to travel and take photos everywhere she go. Her latest hobby is photography, since she is now a part of Hopeboat Productions owned by his fiance, OJ Baclig. Setting aside music for a long time, she's excited to become a photography artist and help in the photography/video production business of Hopeboat Productions. Her recent trip to San Juan Capistrano in California showed her radiant smile, proving that she's embracing the new change in her life as an artist.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sheila's First Hollywood Trip

As Sheila Barrios continue to pursue her new life in Los Angeles, California, our Ilongga artist visited some parts of Hollywood and Beverly Hills where she's currently living nearby with her fiance's family. Hollywood is just a few minutes drive away from her new home. Sheila enjoyed a whole day trip in the city of stars and movies two weeks after she set foot in American soil. In the meantime, she's having a break to prepare for a very special event in her life next month. At least, one of her dreams was fulfilled for our bubbly Ilongga artist: to finally visit Hollywood where great dreams can be realized someday.